[rescue] Running an ultra 60 on its side

Lord Doomicus lorddoomicus at mac.com
Wed May 30 09:44:48 CDT 2007

On May 30, 2007, at 7:41 AM, Jonathan Groll wrote:

> Can an ultra 60 be run on its side?
> All the machines I've seen have a sticker on the case with a
> crossed-out
> picture of the machine on its side with a monitor on top.
> Is this to prevent the weight of the monitor breaking the plastic
> side,
> or is it for heat dispersal reasons (i.e.. foam blocks on lid
> channeling
> hot air out)?
> I've got a book shelf that unfortunately only has space for the
> machines
> sideways (great for U1s and U2s!).

There was a rack kit for the U-60 that put it on it's side to get it
in a rack.   I know this because I use to have a couple of Racked
U-60's in the data center.  You had to remove part of the case
however to mount it to the rack kit.  But there was no issue with
running it on it's side.

I wouldn't put a monitor on top of it if it's sitting on it's side.
If you've ever seen the inside of an Ultra5 or an older 10 or 20
where you could put a monitor on top if it, there is some support
structure that isn't inside the U-60.

- Derrik

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