[rescue] Seeking DB25M to HDDB68M SCSI cable

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Tue May 29 09:55:16 CDT 2007

> pin Centronix to hook up the scanners. VHDCI to HD50
> in some places. I was amazed that they even made such
> a cable (Centronix to VHDCI). But, they did, and it
> worked fine.

Sounds like they could have bought a USB scanner for alot less than the 
high end VHDCI scsi card, and cables :-)

> HD68. Not saying they don't exist, but I have never
> seen one. SCSI over DB25 never worked all that great,
> of an old 50 pin Centronix drive box (two Centronix
> 50's and a 50 pin IDC connector on a ribbon), and use

Yea, I've been collecting bits and pieces I've been finding around in case 
I need to go that route.

I actually found on eBay, a 68 to 25 adaptor... With a gender bender, it 
might work. The one issue is the gender bender dbhd68 might not fit the 
thing on the converter board.

The worst part is there is a single ended card for the tape drive, but the 
only one I could find offered for sale was $420.

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