[rescue] Stumbled on this pdp8/m? on ebay...

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri May 25 22:55:54 CDT 2007

velociraptor wrote:
> Listing URL:
> http://cgi.ebay.com/Digital-Electrical-Component-NR_W0QQitemZ170114541243QQihZ007QQcategoryZ4668QQcmdZViewItem
> Currently @ $.99.
> Not affiliated, just happened across it while looking at their other offerings.
> =Nadine=
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Hasn't been the first one...

I've lost on the exact listing twice... refuse to bid to high, as the 
seller does not
respond with photos or information on the insides.  Therefore it could be an
empty shell.

The pics and descriptions are the same each time... so either this guy has
an identical lot of PDP-8m/s, or it is a scam, or someone is shilling for
the seller trying to force the price as high as possible (but winning 
both previous times).

I've been hoping to get an 8 for a long time... but at the rate they go 
for on ebay
it will probably never happen.

Although if there are any Apple II heads out there that have a PDP8 
I,E,F, or M
(or possibly an A) and would like a Corvus (it's a 5 or 10M) hard drive 
two controller cards (it works with multiple macs simultaneously), the 
unit, and mirror unit (back up your HD to a VCR) along with all the manuals
and diskettes I got with it... I'd trade.  The unit would probably fetch 
good dough on ebay... I've never seen another one of these units.  I'm 
not a Apple
II guy... so other than verifying the drive still spins up and comes 
ready I've
done no further testing....

I'm pretty cautious on the 8 listing....  it can get relisted a hundred 
times, but
it won't change the range I'll bid in as I don't want to be scammed or 
end up
with an empty case that will cost me a few hundred plus more to repopulate
with cards to make a working 8.  Why the seller doesn't respond to inquries
I don't know (including the second inquiry on the second identical unit
I found asking what happened with the previous auction).

What are others thoughts on this listing ?  If it was devoid of cards, what
is the general opnion here on what it would be worth in that state ?

-- Curt

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