[rescue] Serial on Sun 3/140

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Thu May 24 13:16:55 CDT 2007

I'm still having problems getting some response from my 3/140 on the  
serial port.
I discovered on the first box that what I thought was a serial port  
was actually a parallel port, so that was the
first stupid mistake. (the PC didn't have a serial port...doh... so  
time for another box... )

Now I've got it hooked up correctly, and found what I think is a  
decent serial port tool (it's called Advanced Serial Port
Terminal... 14 day free trial which I think will get me thru what I  
need to do)

Got cable, null modem adapter and appropriate gender and 25-9 pin  
adapters in place.   When I fire up Advanced
Serial Port Terminal, I get a red light on CTS, DSR and DCD.  Fire up  
the 3/140, and those go green (and I've got
green lights on RTS, and DTR in both cases).   So, that seems to  
indicate to me that I've got a good live connection
(if I'm reading that correctly).   But I can't get any "prompt" or  
info sent back.   I'm not sure what sends a "break" with
the ASPT program, but I've tried the PC keyboard Ctrl-Break sequence,  
and enter keys but don't get anything back.

Got the proper LED flashing on the 3/140 board, so I don't think it's  

I tried plugging in the keyboard to see if I was getting power to  
that (and I am... at least Mouse led lights when I
plug in the mouse... no LEDs on the kbd to indicate anything  
otherwise).  Keyboard is unplugged otherwise to enable
the serial port.   Tried port A and port B, no dice...

Any ideas?


P.S. I'll post pictures when I get it re-assembled... got the covers  
off, and pulled all the boards and dusted out the metal
screens yesterday.   The Mr Clean cleaning brick (mine was another  
brand, but same thing) did wonders on the front of
the case, in terms of cleaning off sticker gunk and marks that were  
on it.  It looks almost brand new now... (the color hadn't
been faded or yellowed....)   Cleaned up the keyboard as well (but  
didn't do anything to the yellowing, sadly...).

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