[rescue] 50-pin SCSI ribbon cables?

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Thu May 24 08:40:52 CDT 2007

> Where the heck can I find 3-4 decent-sized 50-pin narrow SCSI ribbon
> cables (for internal drives/controllers) with 2-3 (or more)
> connectors on them?  Everyone I know who might have had one, "threw
> all that stuff out last week". 8-(

When I need some and can't find them, I go pick up ribbon cable and
50-pin IDC connectors and crimp my own.  Are you far from suitable
stores or something?

I likely have some in my SCSI-cables box; what do you need?  (Don't
forget the connector for the terminator at the end.)

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