[rescue] Amiga videos online for your enjoyment

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Wed May 23 19:26:47 CDT 2007

>> Man, you can't use Sun's to benchmark *anything*. Even a $150K-$200K Sun 
>> feels slow at things like... booting, installing, patching compared to 
>> say... Pentium III systems.
>> They DO! Admit it! I dunno what it is, but Sun systems are mega slow in 
>> some regards.
> True, but that is due to the fact that with Sun Systems you get 
> diagnostics that actually say something useful ... it's just that sun 
> systems are build to a different requirement they are mostly build to 
> run the same applications for years on end without being shutdown at all.

Hearty agreement on the diags. I have had Suns tell me that the memory 
in a specific slot is bad. Never seen that on any PeeCee.


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