[rescue] Amiga videos online for your enjoyment

Michael Vergallen mvergall at telenet.be
Wed May 23 18:11:52 CDT 2007

Ethan O'Toole wrote:
>> In the morning I hit the power button on the Blade, then I power on the
>> Amiga, read all of my mail with YAM-OS4 and finish about the time I get
>> the Sun login prompt. I press the Amiga power off button (no software
> Man, you can't use Sun's to benchmark *anything*. Even a $150K-$200K Sun 
> feels slow at things like... booting, installing, patching compared to 
> say... Pentium III systems.
> They DO! Admit it! I dunno what it is, but Sun systems are mega slow in 
> some regards.

True, but that is due to the fact that with Sun Systems you get 
diagnostics that actually say something useful ... it's just that sun 
systems are build to a different requirement they are mostly build to 
run the same applications for years on end without being shutdown at all.

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