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Mark md.benson at gmail.com
Wed May 23 18:10:12 CDT 2007

On 23 May 2007, at 22:15, Bill Bradford wrote:

> I'd rather pay money directly to the authors of Picasso96 and MUI than
> have the money go to Cloanto, who may or may not give "kickbacks" to
> them.

I know for a fact they did have to pay for both those, but they got  
them at reduced price becuase of the volume they licensed in. Also  
you can't register Picasso96 anymore directly AFAIK.

>> I personally have never once regretted buying it and I recommend it
>> to everyone I know who uses Amiga, be it UAE, or real hardware.
> Yes, it's a good purchase and well worth it, but don't get it in your
> head for a single minute that they're doing it "for the community"

I'm in no delusions that they were doing this as a good will gesture.  
They had to take a risk, commit significant resources and spend time.  
It'd be stupid not to try ands make profit from it. My point is that  
it's a good thing for the community to have, it's not viciously  
overpriced, and it was contributed too extensively by the people it  
was designed to be sold too (i.e. Amiga enthusiasts). It was away of  
leveraging commercial gain to bring a lot of usually dispersed stuff  
togehter in one convenient place I guess. Everyone that contributed  
got a free copy too.

> if they wanted to sell it for just cost of production and  
> distribution,
> licensing, etc, it would be closer to $25-30 for the premier  
> edition and
> not $60.

True dat.

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