[rescue] Amiga videos online for your enjoyment

George Wyche gw at citasystems.com
Wed May 23 15:07:30 CDT 2007


On my desk are a Sun Blade1000 I do work on AND an AmigaOne which runs 
over 20 times faster than my now retired Amiga1200. I use Amiga OS4, 
made available last XMas.

In the morning I hit the power button on the Blade, then I power on the 
Amiga, read all of my mail with YAM-OS4 and finish about the time I get 
the Sun login prompt. I press the Amiga power off button (no software 
shutdown) and go to work.

With the Amiga's JIT 68K emulator it plays 100-s of Amiga Classic games, 
all my old non-game software (except the Oberon compiler), + the 1000 
new files/programs produced specifically for use with native OS4. It has 
X11 (with Gimp) for those who are platform agnostic, Python (my programs 
run on the Sun, the Amiga, and my wife's iBook), ... well, you get the 
idea. There is always fun things to do and an eager world wide bunch of 
guys to chat with.

Keep up the good words, Mark.

George Wyche

Mark wrote:
> I'm sorry if I seem like I am living in the past. I'm not I assure  
> you - I just, from time to time, feel that at a huge number of  
> junctures along the line the Amiga seems to have ben a victim of it's  
> human user's and owner's self-destruct mechanisms. It's just sad...  
> When I use my old classic Amiga machines and realise what they could  
> have done had they continued to be successful... And when you look a  

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