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Mark md.benson at gmail.com
Wed May 23 14:10:14 CDT 2007

On 23 May 2007, at 19:43, Magnus wrote:

> Mark wrote:
>> I have no affiliation with Cloanto, I'd just like to see AmigaForever
>> carry on. Christ knows with the current climate of litigation and
>> belligerent IP hoarding surrounding Amiga, this may be one of the
>> only way people can keep the platform going.
> I'm sorry I thought this was 2007.  Is it still 1993?

Huh, cute :P

> The platform is dead.  It is so dead it stopped smelling bad years  
> ago.
> Even Norman Bates would have given up hope and discarded the carcass
> by now.

The platform as a realistic business prospect is dead. It has been  
since Gateway told the Amiga community's shortsighted an zealoted fan  
boys to cram it way back in the late 90s. We all know that (well  
actually a  lot of Amigans don't seem to but enough about that ;o)).

The community, and those that use it, maintain it, love it, and want  
to keep it's memories alive is far from dead. AmigaForever was, and  
remains, a community effort for the community. They charge for it to  
cover liscencing costs, production costs, and the cost of  
distribution and to my mind the price is wholly reasonable, given the  
levels of effort that went into it's production.

"Keeping that platform going" is not about business, or even about  
usability or power or practicality, it's about enthusiastic people,  
like me, like Bill, like Gary, and like many other 1000s of us that  
still use, and love the Amiga keeping what is left running and  
keeping the memory of those that caused one of computing's great  
revolutions alive in the future.

Mark Benson

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