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Mark md.benson at gmail.com
Wed May 23 13:51:54 CDT 2007

On 23 May 2007, at 13:57, Bill Bradford wrote:

> On Wed, May 23, 2007 at 08:13:31AM +0100, Mark wrote:
>> I don't wish to sound like a curmudgeon, but don't you think Cloanto
>> deserve people's support, rather than you posting their videos
>> somewhere for people?
> Sure, what they do is great - and I bought AmigaForever - but I'm not
> sure if they actually hold the copyrights to the videos.  I've seen a
> number of them available from other sources, just not on DVD.

The videos are copyright and are published under license. Now that  
doesn't imply they are *exclusive* to AmigaForever, and they are not  
I know for a fact, but that's not either unusual or an excuse to  
exempt anyone from copyright. There is an extensive ream of copyright  
information on the program CD included with AF200x.


That was the reason I pointed the fact in the first place. Also note  
from that document Cloanto own rights to the MPEG (as in DVD) and WMV  
(the way they were distributed wit AmigaForever prior to the DVD  
editions) versions of all the videos.

My point is that people have the copyright for this stuff somewhere  
and, even if it is not exclusive to AmigaForever, it is still  
copyright. Unless you know a video is available openly with the  
holders blessing then it's presumptuous to do so yourself.

With the heavy-handedness of folks like the MPAA it's easy to forget  
that there is still a genuine copyright protection issue, not just  
one made up by some money grabbing SOBs in Hollywood. Violating  
people's copyright is wrong. So is restricting people's fair use of  
media. Just becuase you are against the latter (I certainly am)  
doesn't mean you have to run off in the opposite direction? Please?

I'm rarely one to stand up and shout about about copyright violation,  
but this just somehow seems unfair. It's not like copying these is  
'stickin' it to the man' or anything. A lot of hard work went into  
editing these and mastering the DVDs *by* the community *for* the  
community. Lets not waste that...

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