[rescue] Lots of Sun/SGI stuff for free, Rack and Mac G4 FS

Rick Hamell hamellr at gmail.com
Wed May 23 11:00:31 CDT 2007

For free or cost of a beer, local pick up/delivery in Portland Oregon.

I'm willing to ship for the cost of shipping, if I can find boxes for it. If
you're willing to trade a 250+gb SATA drive that'd be cool too.

Sparc 10 system, 50mhz and 128mb ram with external speaker box

Sparc 20 System, 2x50mhz chips (actually I think this is a quad now, but I'm
too lazy to open it,) with 320mb of RAM

SGI Cyclone Indy

2 Sparx IPX boxes, unknown configuration although one should have a Weitek
processor though. 

SCSI 1x or 2x Cdrom in Sun 411 box (originally came from one of the IPXs)

SGI O2, includes Mouse, Camera, keyboard if I can find it, and 21" monitor,
and the Software Library software so that the password can be reset.

Box of Sparc 5/10/20 Processors about 15-20

Rack Mount PC - Probably about a 200mhz Pentium - AT Style (keyboard

Cisco 2500 - unknown if it works or not, but it worked when it was pulled

Ultra 1 ATX style board in a nice ATX case

13" Black and White VGA monitor

Weitek DSL router from Verizon

Solaris 8 box w/books and software

Solaris 2.5.1 box w/books and Software

A box of manuals for the SparcStation 1

Also, for sale - 

My 19" rack. Full size, heavy duty steel. Includes a rack mount surge
protector, dual fan intake mounted in the bottom, lots of cable management
parts, two heavy duty side panels, and a box full of mounting screws for it.
Heavy duty casters for easy movement when empty. I want $150 for it.

Apple Macintosh "Quicksilver" Dual 1ghz G4 Desktop  - $450

1.5gb of RAM 
80GB Hard drive 
Firewire and USB 
DVD writer 
network and modem 
NVIDIA GeForce4MX with 64mb on it 

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