[rescue] Amiga videos

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed May 23 09:31:01 CDT 2007

> I've not seen the DVD, so I don't know if they went back to the original
> 8mm sources or not, but my VHS copy looks like consumer-grade VHS.

Yea, and the video toaster stuff is LoL.

Firewire equipment and full digital NLE is truely amazing.

My Digital8 camera was getting these drop outs... like 1 second play, 1 
second drop. So I went to best buy and got a cleaning tape (circuit city 
was out). $15 for the cheapest POS you've ever seen, Dynex is the name but 
it's best buy's stuff. So I carefully insert it. And the camcorder rejects 
it as a playable tape. So I go to remove it... and it's JAMMED in there. I 
was so ticked off.

So I do some research online regarding my new tape transport errors... and 
finally find a site where someone had a solution. Hit the camera pretty 
hard. It was followed by like, 100 people saying it fixed all their 
issues, even after Sony couldn't. So ... I hit it, kind of gently. Didn't 
solve anything. But after more frustration, I bopped the thing good.

Now it works fine. Tape ejected, and it now plays the other tapes with no 
drop outs.

I'm sure it's due to lubrication drying out or rubber parts drying out... 
I think it wasn't taking up the slack.

Whatever. It works.

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