[rescue] Amiga videos online for your enjoyment

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed May 23 08:21:32 CDT 2007

> How about this. If you like the YouTube videos, but want better
> quality then please *buy* AmigaForever. It's not expensive and it is
> a valuable resource for users of UAE, and real Amigas, or even those
> of you who once loved the platform.

Yea I second this. I got pirated copies of various nerd videos, then 
picked up originals as I found them.

I was at a place that sold used DVDs and they had "Pirates of Silicon 
Valley" ... which surprised me. I knew it existed on VHS, but had no idea 
it was officially released on DVD (Until I bought it).

Stella at 20, part one is only on VHS. Part two is on DVD.

The Amiga Deathbed Vigil, that video is now on DVD. My friend bought it on 
VHS from the guy, and I don't think he gives permission for open 

20 Years of Berkeley UNIX from Kirk McKusick isn't for open distro, but is 
avail on DVD (It's just a single angle camcorder shoot @ USENIX).

I will say this. 2600 / HOPE conferences as well as Shmoocon, they are of 
the opinion that it's free distro... of course, support them if you can 
and the people that put down the effort to record it. I have a good 
portion of 5th Hope in DVD quality, all of 4th HOPE in VCD quality, and 
all of 6th HOPE in DVD quality. I think I have the Wozniak talk from 5th 
HOPE, as well as Stallman from 6th already in xvid/mpeg4. I'll see if I 
can post it somewhere with bandwidth.

 				- Ethan

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