[rescue] Q: Twin Turbo 128MA - video card?

Scott Quinn compoobah at valleyimplants.com
Wed May 23 00:38:17 CDT 2007

> Hello all,
> I just also came across a card I can't identify - it looks like a Mac 
> video card, but I'm not sure. It is marked Twin Turbo 128MA, it is on 
> a standard PCI card, and has a 15 pin, 2 row connector (like a 
> stretched 9 pin serial connector).
> Any thoughts, exp. with this card? I really know nothing about this 
> card...
> Thanks,
> Lionel

Yep, the Twin Turbo 128-bit (not MB, usually came with 4 or 8 MB of 
framebuffer memory) was an upper-midrange graphics card for Power 
Macintosh computers in the 1997 timeframe. It was OEMed by Apple for 
graphics in some systems (Kansas 9600s have them), and also used by 
Power Computing. The Apple version has custom drivers that are included 
in the SSW, Extrapolating from the card in my 9600 (a 128M8A 8MB 
Apple-branded one) I suspect you have a Apple-branded 4MB model, so try 
the Apple drivers. If that doesn't work, I think I have the IMS drivers 
here somewhere (they don't work on the Apple, though). It supports 
multisync monitors, so a simple adaptor will work fine (some even have 
solder pads/holes for a DE-15 PC-type connector).

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