[rescue] Help with Sun 3/140

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Tue May 22 17:21:17 CDT 2007

As I'm between jobs (old one ended 5/11, new one starts 5/29) I've  
got some time to finally get to some of those projects in the office,
and I have finally begun to get my Sun 3/140 tested out (to see what  
boards still work).    I thought I had the old monitor that would allow
me to directly connect, but it went in a purge a while ago, so I'm  
trying to connect via the serial connection.    I'm a tad rusty with  
what set
up worked with the Sun 3's.   I rarely connect to Sun's via serial  
port,  and not sure if the 3's used the same configuration as the newer
Suns.    From what I've Googled, it should be null modem, 9600 8N1 no  
flow control....that right?

Also, what terminal programs should work, and what needs to be sent  
to get back something readable?   A couple of breaks?

According to my old FEH (nice having one with Sun 1 and Sun 2 boards  
in it..), the blinking led sequence 00000*0  is a good sign that the  
CPU board is alive
(I don't have other cards loaded yet, just want to get a response  
from the CPU board first...)

The other piece of info I'm going to need some info on is how to  
config the VME bus for a 12 MB card (believe that's what it is...  
it's not a Sun
part number board... it's a 3rd party, and I believe it's a  
Clearpoint SNXRAM/12 board...)  I'm assuming that slot 2 is the best  
slot.  For the shunts
BG3 and IACK should they be IN like for a 4MB expansion board?


(the Sun 2/120 gets started on once the 3/140 is all cleaned and  

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