[rescue] Cleaning dirty systems?

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Mon May 21 16:18:24 CDT 2007

Luke Goembel wrote:
> --- Charles Shannon Hendrix <shannon at widomaker.com>
> wrote:
>> I took q-tips and camel-hair brushes soaked in
>> isopropyl alcohol, and just
>> started coating the board and chips, and then rinsed
>> the stuff off in a small
>> tub of alcohol.
> I would add - try for the sort of isopropyl 
> they sell at electronics shops - 99%. The 
> less water the better. It dries faster, and 
> the 99% alcohol won't allow parts to rust. 
> Sometimes you can even find 90 - 99% 
> isopropyl on the shelves as an antiseptic 
> (look in a drug store) for much cheaper 
> than at electronics shops.

You can buy 99% isopropyl alcohol by the gallon at any medical supply store.

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