[rescue] Cleaning dirty systems?

Luke Goembel idylukewild at yahoo.com
Mon May 21 15:31:31 CDT 2007

--- Charles Shannon Hendrix <shannon at widomaker.com>

> I took q-tips and camel-hair brushes soaked in
> isopropyl alcohol, and just
> started coating the board and chips, and then rinsed
> the stuff off in a small
> tub of alcohol.

I would add - try for the sort of isopropyl 
they sell at electronics shops - 99%. The 
less water the better. It dries faster, and 
the 99% alcohol won't allow parts to rust. 
Sometimes you can even find 90 - 99% 
isopropyl on the shelves as an antiseptic 
(look in a drug store) for much cheaper 
than at electronics shops.

Keep in mind that although they look 
water tight, DIP package IC and other parts 
are often not water tight. Liquids can follow 
the leads up into the plastic package. There are 
lots of places where water can seep and stay 
around a long time in computers. I stick to 
99% isopropyl when I clean my old boards, 
fans, connectors, etc. Dishwashing soap is fine 
for the outsides and obviously solid plastic parts.

Another hint: for old stickers on cases 
(such as property tags) I find mineral 
spirits works best.

Have fun cleaning! I'm always amazed at 
how much better an old computer looks 
after it is thoroughly cleaned!


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