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Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Mon May 21 09:03:51 CDT 2007

(I couldn't see who originally said this):
> > The Commodore Amiga was not a Commodore machine.  It was an Atari.
> > Atari paid for its funding, and Jay Miner, creator of the 6502 Atari
> > systems, created the Amiga as the next generation Atari.

Actually, the Amiga ("Lorraine") was already designed; Atari gave Amiga
$500K for an option to use the Amiga's custom chips in a future Atari
design.  Amiga (pre-Commodore purchase) used the $500K to finish the chip
design (moving them from breadboard prototypes to actual silicon), and then
paid back the $500K to Atari when Commodore bought them.  

Atari wasn't too happy about the Commodore purchase, as they'd thought that
Amiga would default on the 500K loan and then Atari would just own the
Amiga technology outright.

As I've mentioned before, "On The Edge:  The Rise and Fall of Commodore" is
a GREAT book.  It covers the above stuff in pretty good detail.

> I guess I need to propose a movie night in Norfolk, VA:
> 3 potential movies:
> A: The Deathbed Vigil (Final days @ Commodore)

I've got it (ripped from the Amiga Forever Video Edition) as a DivX file
if anyone wants.

> B: Stella at 20 (Atari VCS 20th birthday party @ Nolan Bushnell's)
> C: Stella at 20 part 2 (Rob Fullop and others talking)

I'd be interested in seeing these two.


Bill Bradford 
Houston, Texas

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