[rescue] Curses, foiled again

Mark md.benson at gmail.com
Sun May 20 19:39:03 CDT 2007

On 18 May 2007, at 23:30, Bill Bradford wrote:

> The rest of the Amiga stuff arrived.. but the monitor cable is a
> 23-pin-to-9-pin (for a 1084, etc), not a 23-pin-to-HD15VGA.  D'oh!
> So, being able to test the A4000 has to be put off another week or
> more until I can find and buy [0] an adapter.
> Bill

What type of ScnaDoubler have you go on the 2000 you started out  
with? If it's fitted in the video slot (opposite side of the PSU to  
all the other slots on it's own - where the Video Toaster is fitted  
on 2000s) then it may work in the 4000's video slot, although you'll  
have to remove the backplane and support in some other way (fwiw my  
4000's SD has no backplane and seems to stay put fairly well).

It's not an ideal soultion as it my not support AGA resolutions (if  
it's the card I think it is) but it will even so support the native  
boot-time resolutions required to get you off the ground, and as you  
have RTG in the machine you're unlikely to need AGA until you get  
into gaming etc. It'll work as a jury rig until you can get an AGA  
compatible one at least.

Also - be aware that rigging a 23-pin to 15-pin RGB monitor cable is  
zero use unless you have a multiscan that will scan down to NTSC TV  
resolution refresh rates. FWIW the 23-pin to 9-pin carries all the  
conductors required, and so rigging a 9-15 tail will probably be a  
much more cost effective and easy to build solution if you want to  
adapt the cable.

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