[rescue] System/36 IPL Signon

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Sun May 20 13:42:34 CDT 2007

r.stricklin writes ...
> As it turns out, the keyboard mapping for the PC console with the AT  
> 84-key keyboard is, er, non-obvious. 


Back when I was supposed to be running the S/36 for Crosstalk, I was using a
DCA card (called a "Smart Alec" or something) to make my PC-AT into a

So I'm doing something unusual like installing patches, and it says
something like "TO AVOID DISK REFORMAT PRESS F11".

There are only 10 function keys on an AT keyboard.

I can remember almost nothing else about the S/36, except that we never
actually put it into production.  The accounting software we got (MAPICS II)
was no better than the Peachtree Accounting we were running on an old PC-XT,
and the "order and inventory" module was a bunch of batch files, with no
hope of any sort of current status reports.

I think I still have a DCA Smart Alec card and Twinax dongle if you need it.
$DIETY knows I don't.


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