[rescue] Of rubber and rotating parts....

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Sat May 19 22:30:51 CDT 2007

Carl R. Friend wrote:
>     Greetings Rescuers!
>     Does anyone here happen to know what the thickness of the "rubber"
> coating on Wangco Model 10 tape drive (a fairly common model in the
> early 1970s; mine shipped with a Data General NOVA 840) capstans
> was?  I'm looking to get mine recoated, the original material having
> long since dried out and fallen off and what didn't dry up and fall
> off turned into rather nasty goo.  The capstan proper has a 2.9"
> diameter tape-wrap path (minus, of course, the thicknes of the
> coating) and the tape-wrap is just about 180 degrees.  My off-the-
> cuff guess is about 20-thousandths of an inch (.020") based on what
> I think my 20-year-old memories are telling me the thing looked like
> way back then.

Do you think it would be similar to more modern SCSI 9-track drives?

Ethan who hangs out here has one I believe.

Also, here are some links on capstan repair that might help, or give pointers.


There is also a company called Meridian Laboratory that makes coatings for
capstans, print rollers, etc.  You probably don't want to buy from them, but I
wouldn't be surprised if a company like that had people who knew the answer to
your question.

Someone lurking in alt.folklore.computers might also know the answer to your
question, or even have done the repair.  For that matter, they might have
built the drive you are using.

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