[rescue] Of rubber and rotating parts....

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Sat May 19 19:46:46 CDT 2007

    Greetings Rescuers!

    Does anyone here happen to know what the thickness of the "rubber"
coating on Wangco Model 10 tape drive (a fairly common model in the
early 1970s; mine shipped with a Data General NOVA 840) capstans
was?  I'm looking to get mine recoated, the original material having
long since dried out and fallen off and what didn't dry up and fall
off turned into rather nasty goo.  The capstan proper has a 2.9"
diameter tape-wrap path (minus, of course, the thicknes of the
coating) and the tape-wrap is just about 180 degrees.  My off-the-
cuff guess is about 20-thousandths of an inch (.020") based on what
I think my 20-year-old memories are telling me the thing looked like
way back then.

    In the same go, I also need to get the coating on a DG Model
6013 paper-tape reader replaced (the original coating having long
ago turned into an adhesive muck that caused much grief).  Does
anyone know what the thickness of *that* might have been?

    Many thanks in advance if accurate memories (or even better,
technical documentation) can supply these data before I send the
pieces-parts out for coating!

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