[rescue] fwd: Linux Foundation Prepares For Microsoft's Legal Action

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu May 17 14:29:07 CDT 2007

> Google ads back up so I can at least resume making ~$50/month again...

$50 a month!?!?! BALLER! It took me like a year to score a $100 check from 

The best was the major troublemaker used some "emoticons" from some other 
site. They were these "homosexual" smileys that hand slap each other and 
raise a pride flag. Except it was a perl script that checked the browser 
tag, and if you were on a Mac you got a picture of a naked women 
deficating. He didn't know the latter part.

My friend who loves to troll/debate, was on a Mac. We were like "dude 
there is no sick picture" and he was like "DUDE, It's still there." Once 
we figured out what was up.... then he wrote his own, that attempted to 
drag mr gov't computer user over to pro terrorist websites.

I remember in the old days... BBS wars. Some things just never change.

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