[rescue] WANTED: Apple II cards

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Fri May 11 22:24:48 CDT 2007

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From: Kevin <kevin at pipeline.com>
> What kind of demos are you referring to?  Just out of curiosity...
> Damn... i really miss my IIc.  I had a science software package for kids
> that included a thermometer and a light meter (measured in foot candles). 
> I performed a science project for school that tested whether or not sound
> waves affected the intensity of light waves (didn't understand the
> difference between mechanical and electromagnetic waves back then).
> I still remember the day i sold my IIc back in 1990.  I had
> advertised it in the local Bargain Trader mag.  The guy who bought it got
> it for his daughter.  I still remember her playing games on it in my living
> room when we sealed the deal.  I don't regret selling it because i know she
> had fun with it, but i do still miss it.
> /KRM

I have a bunch of disks.  Some are used for interfacing a IIe with external
sensors and graphing the results, some describe various concepts graphically.
The ones I use the most was one that shows waves, intereference, Doppler
effect, etc.  Another does a fair description of how electrons interact with
light, particle motion of gases, gas laws (for chemistry).  There is a lot 
of info on how to use the game port for interfacing.  Unforch the info is
a little spread out in the basement.  I even have (somewhere) a gizmo that
will measure your heart rate by using an LED and phototransistor connected
to the game port.  Pretty neat for an old machine.


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