[rescue] Solbourne Computers

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Fri May 11 14:49:50 CDT 2007

" From: "Patrick Giagnocavo" <xemacs5 at gmail.com>
" They had a "K-Bus" architecture line, and what was essentially a Sun
" Sparc1+ clone line, using their own chips.
" There were chip bugs and slight differences from real Suns, which is
" why they needed their own OS distribution.  The K-bus was different
" enough of course to need its own distro.
" The K-bus was pretty beefy and would have been extensible except that
" Solbourne either changed focus and/or went under.

went under.  and they were -this-close- to releasing a larger k-bus,
with enough slots for full memory -and- full cpus...	;^<
grumman [iirc the support takeover] landfilled everything but
replacement parts.

iirc their fastest cpu was a 50MHz supersparc, but they could take 8.
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