[rescue] WANTED: Apple II cards

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Wed May 9 23:25:03 CDT 2007

Some Apple II cards I'd like to find and can give a good home to:

	- Zip Chip CPU upgrade (I actually tossed an Apple with one
	  years ago, damnation...)
	- SCSI card
	- Apple 3.5 Controller
	- Apple IIe RGB controller (replaced standard 80col card)
	  and yes, I know they work with almost nothing, it's just
	  a curiosity
	- CP/M card
	- Apple 3.5" floppy drive

I'd also take a data aquisition board for playing with some realtime I/O
stuff, or even plans for would be OK.

If you have something else, I might still be interested, but those are
priorities for future projects. 

For fellow Apple nuts, I found a place that sells Apple II OS and


I ordered from them and we'll see how fast they ship and if the product
is good. I picked up DOS and Prodos, and some utility apps to bootstrap
the rest of my software to the Apple.

Also, MC Price Breakers (easy Google) sells Apple II hardware, including
a brand new replacement 5.25" drive that supports the whole II line.
It's $15, which is surprisingly good considering how expensive a lot of
Apple II hardware is.

People are starting to want a lot of money for 8-bit Apple and Atari
stuff. Atari expansion boxes new are now selling for $200, $250 for the
full kit. Evidently there are enough users still out there to support

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