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> Date: Sun, 06 May 2007 23:32:56 -0400
> From: Matias Atria <matrial at optonline.net>
> Subject: [rescue] Wanted: Sun 4/110 backplane and power supply
> To: The Rescue List <rescue at sunhelp.org>
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> Hi all,
> I'm looking for a backplane and power supply for a Sun 4/110. If anyone has 
> either (or both) of these, please let me know how much it would cost me to 
> get it off your hands. Read on for the details.
> A few days ago I powered up my 4/110 for the first time in years and it didn't 
> go very smoothly. First, the green led in the power supply didn't light up, 
> although it passed all the tests when I booted it in "DIAG" mode. The 
> ethernet port didn't work at all. The "power" led on the transceiver I used 
> just flashed when it booted, but after that never came on again. This 
> probably had to do with the power supply. From using it a long time ago I 
> remembered that jumper J1800 allowed to switch between thin/AUI ethernet. I 
> jumped it (it was unjumped, which I later found our was the right setting), 
> powered on the machine and a few seconds later something blew up in the 
> backplane. It was a component labeled "C13", which I have no idea what it is. 
> I could replace that component only, but it must be much harder to find than 
> the entire backplane.
> Thanks,
> Matias

The idea of something so rare and groundbreaking as a 4/110 being 
cannabalized to save another horrifies me.  Surely "C13" is a 
capacitor.  Is anything left of the original? It is probably a rather 
common part.  If you can read any portion of the label, perhaps it can 
be identified.

As for the power supply, the most likely things to fail due to age are 
also capacitors, easily replaced.  Do you know enough about PSUs to 
attempt to test it / replace failed caps?  If not, well, there's no 
shame in that, but quite a number of us would be willing to help you.

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