[rescue] Apple G3 iMacs and "towers" available

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Mon May 7 09:13:43 CDT 2007

Hello all,

I have four G3 iMacs and two G3 towers available, as described below. I'll 
post prices, but I am open to offers, including large SCSI HDs. I'd prefer 
local pick-up/delivery for the iMacs, as they have glass tubes, and properly 
shipping them could get expensive.

The iMacs available are:

a) Tangerine iMac, assumed 266 MHz, 96 Meg RAM, CD, 6 Gig HD, text Ubuntu 
install - $50

b) Indigo iMac, 350 MHz, 384 Meg RAM, CD, 10 Gig HD, 9.2.2 installed - $70

c) Indigo iMac, 350 MHz, 256 Meg RAM, CD, 10 Gig HD, 9.2.2 installed - $70

d) Indigo iMac, 450 MHz, 320 Meg RAM, DVD, 10 Gig HD, OS X 10.4.9 installed - 

All cases are in good shape - some have magic marker and/or tape residue on 
them, but all can be cleaned up easily. The tubes are all in good shape as 
well - nice and bright, pretty vibrant colors, reasonably sharp, etc...

I have 3 keyboard/mouse sets available (they are in rough shape, but appear 
fully functional) - they are available with the systems for $10 each, on a 
first come, first served basis.

The G3 towers available are as follows:

a) 350 MHz, 256 Meg RAM, 9G SCSI HD (w/Adaptec controller), CD-ROM, zip, OS 
9.1, and MS Office 2001 installed - $75

b) 400 MHz, 256 Meg RAM, 75 Gig IDE HD, CD, Ubuntu 6.06 installed - $75

I am located in the Trenton/Princeton area, and will drive a small ways to 
deliver a system, if desired. Prices listed above are suggested, but I am 
open to offers of larger HDs (36 Gig or larger SCSI for sun boxes, prefer 1" 

If interested, please don't hesitate to contact me off-list.


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