[rescue] Q: best OS for Netra X1

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Fri Mar 30 17:58:20 CDT 2007

>> Any reason to put anything other than Solaris 10 on a Netra X1?
> Unlike some of the more vocal members here, I am not a fan of Solaris.
> My X1 runs OpenBSD.  It's the easiest free OS to install on this 
> hardware, IMHO, and in many ways a saner environment to work in than Linux.

I agree, but stuff like browser plugins may only be available for 
Solaris SPARC, Linux x86 and Windoze. For that reason, I run Solaris on 
my SPARC workstations.

For other purposes (like firewall, web server, etc.) I think OpenBSD on 
SPARC is an excellent choice, not only for the obvious security reasons, 
but because it's lightweight (great for old machines) and solid.


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