[rescue] FS: RS/6000 44P-170

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Mr. Bradford,

How much do you think packaging and posting to 72762 on the UPS slow-boat
would cost?

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Money crisis 3 days before payday, so I have to let some stuff go.

IBM RS/6000 7044-170 (aka 44P-170)
400Mhz CPU
512M RAM
18G SCSI DISK (I can possibly make this a 36G) CD-ROM GXT120 video
(compatible with Linux-for-POWER)

The only thing wrong with the system is that the "latch" that holds the
swinging "front cover" for the front panel closed is broken, so I "fixed" it
with a piece of stick-on Velcro.

$150 (or best offer)  plus packing/shipping.  I need to sell this ASAP.


Bill Bradford
Houston, Texas
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