[rescue] Anyone have Cobalt RAQ 3i or 4i ?

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Mar 24 21:58:18 CDT 2007


My RAQ3i has been hanging... and I think I just drove the nail in it's 
coffin, as
I accidentally inserted the boot flash chip in backwards....

So... I'm looking to see if anyone has a RAQ3i, RAQ4i (or RAQ3r or RAQ4r)...


A good flash chip from a RAQ3/4 that got disected for parts ?

I've sunk so many hours into this box... to get so close to where I 
wanted to go
with it... I should have just used one of my many stinkin' PCs... but I 
hate to
give up on this box... <sigh>.

It was running Slackware... did a boot from the net, hacked the installer to
work... got it installed... but... alas.. now it is a doorstop.

So... anyone have any of the above ?

-- Curt

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