[rescue] packing options for ultra 60

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Wed Mar 7 23:07:27 CST 2007

>> I bought a Cisco switch off of here, and the dude took the large
>> box, set the switch in there, and a roll of bubble wrap, still
>> rolled up.
> Reminds me of an R5K Indy that was sent to me by someone in New York
> (I live in South Africa).  He put it in a box with a few plastic
> peanuts and hoped that would be enough.  [...]

Mostly I've been pretty lucky.  But there was once when someone shipped
a few boxes of stuff to me (in Canada) from Norway.

With no padding material whatsoever.

Most of the stuff was wires and such that didn't mind, but there were
some three or four laptops.  All suffered damage severe enough to put
them in the "parts machines" pile when I unpacked them.  *grrr*

Fortunately they weren't especially valuable laptops....

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