[rescue] packing options for ultra 60

Dimitar Vasilev dimitar.vassilev at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 14:39:15 CST 2007

2007/3/7, Paxton <innfosun at gmail.com>:
> I have had a lot of success in scrounging styro (sheet, block and premolded
> insert) packing materials and cutting them to fit. It works well for heavy
> items as it doesn't move around and holds the item in the center.
> A sharp knife works well to cut the foam to fit. A serrated knife  works but
> makes a lot of plastic debris. It is easy to dismember premolded inserts
> (like for a monitor or TV and use the corners and the flat bottom of the
> styro in their new box.
> The other day I got a lot of sheet and clean blocks at a recycling center as
> it was styro drop off day. I asked and they let me take my choice free. I
> filled the van and store it in large plastic bags.
> Normally I scrounge styro at Furnture and Rental stores. They trash lots of
> good packing materials. I ask before I dumpster dive.
> I probably overpack, but I generally wrap the computer in sheet plastic,
> then in sheet white flex foam. I put a layer of solid foam in the bottom of
> the box. (to keep the corners from being crushed). Then lay the computer in
> on its side in the box, block the computer in on all sides with cut styro.
> And finally cut sheet or block to put on top. Again the idea is to support
> the corners of the box and to fill all the voids with solid styro or
> bubble.  UPS likes at least 2 inches of solid foam on all sides. Depending
> on the weight I may use more.
> Also for things like heavy CPUs or monitors I really recommend a
> doubleweight box. Plastic projections I protect with cardboard or extra
> supports.
> I have gotten great feedback, especially from overseas, since I have adopted
> this method of packing. Packages are surviving very well.
> Paxton Hoag
> Astoria, OR
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Thanks for the tips guys. I really made it close and will go on.
Unfortunately I'm at work this week-end and this is not nice from time
frame view.
The good thing is that I will fiddle with some Sun boxes of a drug store.
If you see in the morning news that some sexual stimulants were withdrawn from
production, prepare candies and cigars for me ;-)

Dimitar Vassilev

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