[rescue] Forgot an LC

Devin Ganger devin at thecabal.org
Fri Mar 2 20:43:00 CST 2007

On 3/1/07 11:58 PM, "Mark" <md.benson at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 2 Mar 2007, at 05:15, Geoffrey S. Mendelson wrote:
>> "Hello, my name is Geoff and I'm a Macaholic"  :-)
>> For those that get the reference, I guess I need to become a friend
>> of Steve J.

"Friends of Steve J." would sound a lot like "Friends of Jose C." or
"Friends of Jim B."
> Don't worry - I'm also guilty as charged! I'm in rehab though - I've
> only bought 2 Macs in the last 12 months, and both were modern era
> machines.

That's what friends of Steve J. do!

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