[rescue] Mac basement

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Fri Mar 2 16:25:34 CST 2007

On 1 Mar 2007, at 18:52, Mark wrote:
> And I thought I was nuts because I have 10 or more Beige Macs...

I can recommend moving three times in twelve months to make you
reassess how much you actually need all those machines, especially if
the places tend to get smaller with each move.

Actually, what pretty much finished me off is when I wanted a server
box and it turned out that none of my "spare" machines would actually
work right. After about four hours of faffing around, I went "bugger
this, I'm an IT professional not a skint student", and wandered off
to Tottenham Court Road. #200 later, and I had a perfectly good brand
new PC that does the job much better than any of my old junk would
have done.

Macwise, I'm down to an old G4 PowerMac and a MacBook Pro, plus a
PowerBook with a dead PSU and Umax S910 without keyboard. Anybody who
wishes to cart the Umax away from SW6 is welcome to it, and I'm open
to offers on the PowerBook.

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