[rescue] Big Basement cleanout coming up

Ido Dubrawsky idubraws at dubrawsky.org
Fri Jun 29 08:07:37 CDT 2007

Over the next month I plan to completely downscale my network at home. 
I'm planning on going from a multi-tiered network down to a single
firewall (with really tight restrictions on it) and a single switch.  I
still need to inventory a lot of things but this is a list of items that
are going to be made available.  The bulkof these things are going to be
available for free and others I'm going to put a price on them.

1. Cisco 2811 router, 256MB memory, 64MB flash (Cisco IOS Software
(C2800NM-ADVSECURITYK9-M), Version 12.3(8)T4) -- I'm going to ask about
$1500 for this.
2. Cisco 2908 (WS-2908-XL) switch (8 port 10/100Mb switch) - IOS 11.2(8)SA1
3. Sun SPARCstation 5 -- (unknown memory, disk, CPU)
4. Sun SPARCstation 10 -- (unknown memory, disk, CPU)
5. Sun Ultra 1 -- 256 MB memory, 170MHz CPU, 9GB disk
6. Sun Ultra 2 -- 1 GB memory, 2 x 300MHz CPU, 18GB disk
7. Sun Ultra 5 -- 384MB memory, 270MHz CPU, 14GB disk
8. Sun Ultra 10 -- 256MB memory, 300MHz CPU, unknown disk
9. Nokia IP 300 -- 64MB memory, 500MHz CPU (I think), unknown disk
10. VALinux 2200 -- 256MB memory, 500MHz Celeron, unknown disk
11. PowerMac G4 Quicksilver -- 768MB memory, 866MHz CPU (I think), 70GB
disk (roughly)
12. PowerMac G4 Graphite & White -- 512MB memory, 500MHz CPU, unknown disk
13. Compaq Deskpro -- 500MHz Pentium III, 384MB memory, no disk
14. Compaq Deskpro -- 12MB memory (yes, 12MB -- I'm using it just as an
SSH gateway), 66MHz AMD 5x86 CPU (no kidding), 2GB disk (it's running a
very tweaked and paired down version of RedHat 6.1) -- literally this
used to be my firewall, SMTP relay, and SSH gateway all in one when I
lived in Austin.
15. 2 x generic Pentium II (400MHz)/Pentium III (550MHz) computers --
256MB/128MB memory, unknown disk
16. Assorted Macintosh parts (PowerMac 7600 system with G3 CPU (unknown
speed), PowerMac 8600 shell with video card, G3 CPU, etc.)

At the present time, I'm keeping my Ultra 60s (although one of them may
also be available at the end of the summer).  Where I say "unknown disk
or memory" I just need to boot the system and inventory it.  Pickup only
please -- I really do NOT want to ship alot of the heavier stuff (or any
of it for that matter).  As for the 2811...it may go on eBay.  I know
it's worth $1200.  Make me an offer on the stuff you want and, to be
honest, I'd rather not trade...I'm trying to pare things down.


Ido Dubrawsky, CISSP              
Network Security Architect

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