[rescue] Anyone need any three foot patch cables?

James Fogg James at jdfogg.com
Thu Jun 28 20:56:14 CDT 2007

> I used to work in a three-story building that had thick coax
> cable loops
>   around each story in the ceiling, with vampire taps and AUI
> cables connecting to the PeeCees. Those cables were a real
> pain to attach to the PeeCee sometimes; often they did not
> want to bend the way you wanted them to, if they bent at all.
> They were always coming loose when someone moved a computer
> to clean or rearrange things. Thinnet would have been an upgrade...
> Steve

I think the worst thing I ever saw was when I worked for Bradlee's
Department Stores (included Zayre's and other local New England stores).
They had 7 racks of Cabletron MMAC's (token ring concentrators) and
patch panels. The patch cords were huge, like 15 feet and more. The
cords would hang down to the floor, turn away from the rack and loop
around and come back. Each rack had a pile of cables in front of it knee
deep and to a distance of 3 feet in front of it.

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