[rescue] Anyone need any three foot patch cables?

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 27 16:39:02 CDT 2007

Well, I once again was 'baited and switched' on a
surplus lot of hardware on ebay. At least this time I
didn't pay too much for it. Apparently "hard drives
have been wiped clean" means "hard drives are
completely freaking missing, brackets too!". (why is
it, that every time I buy hardware, it's missing the
freaking drives!!!).

Anyway, in line with misleading, the auction also came
with many "boxes of cat 5 cable". I obviously didn't
care about the cable, I was more interested in the Sun
Enterprise gear, but I figured that with that many
boxes of cable, I shouldn't have to go hunting for a
patch cable ever again. Well, while it is true that
the boxes were full of cat 5, it turns out, that due
to poor planning, it's all in three foot lengths.

So, anyone need any individually sliced cable-ettes? A
million network uses! Just the right length! For...
uh... patching in patch panels, for... connecting up
boxen that are extremely close to the wall (and on the
floor)... for connecting routers to switch ports.
Ready-cut, ready-made, easy to use, water resistant
(probably), insulated in flame protardant PVC, and
available in any color (provided that it's grey).

Not just for networking either! Cut the ends off and
use them to hook up speakers or use them to tie up
bundles of other cable. Just about the right length to
strangle someone with, or simply tie their arms and
legs to a chair. The possibilities are endless!


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