[rescue] where have all the Sun monitors gone?

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Mon Jun 25 17:47:33 CDT 2007

" From: Mr Ian Primus <ian_primus at yahoo.com>
" > Where are you, and how far would you travel to get
" > one?
" > 
" > Im in 98110 and I've got a GDM-1962 that has a
" > hankerin' to travel.
" > 
" > -Shel
" I'm in 12309 - a bit of a hike, it seems. I'm willing
" to travel, but I would rather not have to drive more
" than an hour or so for a color monitor (although the
" GDM-1962) is a _really_ nice monitor). Now, a mono sun

what's the sun p/n on the 1962?  i've got an old hitachi with
365-1000-01 and a date of 1988 on it, and i'm in 01835.
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