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> "I thought the PERC 3 is a rebadged Adaptec?"
> It is, considering I see adaptec on the card sitting two feet away from me.
> No, sorry I have disagree with Phil on both counts. I've used this
> card and a PERC 2 in a non dell system with no problems. In fact the
> PERC 2 is running a mail server at work. And I have never seen a Dell
> rebranded MegaRAID card. And I've seen my share of Dell RAID cards.
> Timothy

I feel a little odd pointing this out on Rescue, but it's conceivable 
that people could be sticking these in rescue-worthy systems.  The LSI 
cards should have OpenFirmware on them, right?

PERC 2 and PERC 3 were Adaptec. They used Linux's "aacraid" driver.

PERC 4 and PERC 5 series are LSI, and depending upon the particular 
model, use either the "megaraid" or "fusion-mpt" drivers.

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