Timothy Baldridge tbaldridge at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 21:34:14 CDT 2007

I have a adaptec (dell) perc 3. I think it does SCSI 160. Here in WI
USA. One channel.

Looks exactly like this one:
except, it has a RAM chip (32MB?). You're welcome to it.

We could make the price $50 even (including normal shipping, I'll need
more if you want it overnight/2 day). I wasn't planning to get rid of
it, but it's just been sitting here for the past year, so might as
well pass it on. Contact me off list if you're interested.


On 6/23/07, Sridhar Ayengar <ploopster at gmail.com> wrote:
> As some of you may already know, I had a lightning strike a couple of
> weeks ago which took out a whole bunch of hardware on this one machine.
>   There's only one piece of hardware left for me to replace.
> Unfortunately, though, I didn't know it needed it until it failed today.
> It's the RAID card.  Now, I can't afford to pay retail, and I can't
> afford to wait for ebay, so I thought I'd try my luck here.  Does anyone
> have a RAID card that meets the following criteria, that they have spare?
> - Ultra 160 SCSI or better
> - Must work in a 33MHz 32-bit PCI slot (can be bigger, but has to work)
> - Only one channel required, more than one is gravy
> - Must be supported in NetBSD (http://www.netbsd.org/Hardware/pci.html)
> - I'd prefer if it wasn't an AMI/LSI-Logic MegaRAID card
> Anyone have one to spare?  What would you want for it?  Thanks in advance.
> Peace...  Sridhar
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