Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 15:57:52 CDT 2007

As some of you may already know, I had a lightning strike a couple of 
weeks ago which took out a whole bunch of hardware on this one machine. 
  There's only one piece of hardware left for me to replace. 
Unfortunately, though, I didn't know it needed it until it failed today.

It's the RAID card.  Now, I can't afford to pay retail, and I can't 
afford to wait for ebay, so I thought I'd try my luck here.  Does anyone 
have a RAID card that meets the following criteria, that they have spare?

- Ultra 160 SCSI or better
- Must work in a 33MHz 32-bit PCI slot (can be bigger, but has to work)
- Only one channel required, more than one is gravy
- Must be supported in NetBSD (http://www.netbsd.org/Hardware/pci.html)
- I'd prefer if it wasn't an AMI/LSI-Logic MegaRAID card

Anyone have one to spare?  What would you want for it?  Thanks in advance.

Peace...  Sridhar

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