[rescue] Sun 3's Tape Drives and Mac Mini's

Paul E Coad coad at sonic.net
Wed Jun 20 17:48:12 CDT 2007

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> Earl Baugh wrote:
> > First,  I'm going to be attempting to make some bootable tapes for my Sun 3
> > and Sun 2 upcoming (I've got
> > some time since I'm still working on cleaning up the boxes and getting a few
> > more boards), and figured
> > before I did, I wanted to ask about checking my tape drive for the "sticky"
> > wheels.    Does anyone have
> Put in an old tape and do a mt retension. If it works, your drive is
> okay :) If not, it has broken the tape and the drive will need a new
> wheel. I once did this by taking one out of another drive that actually
> did fit. This is not particularly an easy thing to do. I have not been
> able to find good replacement parts.
I have had several tape drives turn to black goo over the years.  They
can look perfectly fine until a little heat and pressure is applied.
If you go with the mt retension approach make sure that the tape will never
be needed again since the gool can potentially get on the tape itself.
It is a nasty mess.

Before you do anything get out your callipers and measure the diameter
of the wheel so when you go to replace the rubber you will know the
exact size to grind it down to.

Another potential problem is the drive's drive belt which is also made
of flexible plastic. 

Please keep us posted on your adventures with the tape drives.


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