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> Ah, good point.
> SGI makes available for free a copy of the OS that shipped with your
> system.  Call em up.  They may charge for shipping, but in the past
> they did not.
> Bob
They'll only sell you IRIX 6.5, and last time I tried this gambit, media 
were about $600.  Heck, all IRIX sales may have ended by now, I am 

You need a valid support contract to get the time of day from SGI.  The 
oldest supported systems are the O2 and the Origin 2000.

Honestly, I doubt any IRIX 4.0-era stuff still exists on SGI property.  
They're a much smaller company than they once were, and IRIX/MIPS is 
much less important to them than it was even as recently as a year ago. 
(When it wasn't that important.)

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