[rescue] Burning IRIX boot disks

nate at portents.com nate at portents.com
Wed Jun 20 14:56:49 CDT 2007

> Has anyone successfully burned IRIX boot disks on a PC?  If so, how?

Any low-level copy program (like "Alcohol 120%") can copy or image IRIX
media on a PC.

As far as taking files on a PC and then burning a disc image readable in
IRIX, I've downloaded a port of the command line mkisofs utility to
Windows to create a combination ISO 9660 + Rockridge + Joliet disc image
(so that I get long filenames in both UNIX and Windows), and then burned
it with standard CD burning software like Nero in Windows.  I've
documented the switches for that image creation at home, let me know if
you need it.

- Nate

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