[rescue] Sun 3's Tape Drives and Mac Mini's

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Wed Jun 20 13:45:52 CDT 2007

First,  I'm going to be attempting to make some bootable tapes for my Sun 3
and Sun 2 upcoming (I've got
some time since I'm still working on cleaning up the boxes and getting a few
more boards), and figured
before I did, I wanted to ask about checking my tape drive for the "sticky"
wheels.    Does anyone have
say a picture walk thru of what to check, and possibly how to repair if
sticky?   Aside from sticking cart
tapes into the drives and tar'ing data to them, I've never taken one of
these things apart.  I've never
done maintenance to any type of tape drive (cassette, DAT or cart...) so
this will be a new adventure
for me.

Second, does anyone have any "cheap" sources for Mac Mini's?  (yes, I know
it's not really a rescue
if they still make the machine).  I'm looking for some for some
"experimenting" and would rather
not pay EPay prices if I can.



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