[rescue] E4000 Problem

Michael Vergallen mvergall at telenet.be
Wed Jun 20 01:33:27 CDT 2007

Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Jun 2007, Michael Vergallen wrote:
>> Yep as I guessed the PSU's where dirty as hell... I've cleaned them
>> and that did the trick ...however how do you remove the plastic side
>> pannels on a E4000 to clean the air intake next to the fans because I
>> can't reach the dirt that has built up over time...
> I think they just slide off forwards after you remove the front panel.
Yep ...er you are half right you have to slide them backwards...I 
finally managed to get those off ... and removed the dirt ...it took the 
  overall board temperature down by 10 degrees Celcius for each board.

I've got remember to clean that more regullary ...and not after 18 
months. I'll try and clean them every 6 months or so when I have to 
clean the server area to avoid the problem...


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