[rescue] Best brains: Ã? Dead keyboard ports on PC hardware

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Tue Jun 19 10:44:29 CDT 2007

Lionel Peterson wrote:
> I have several systems available - I offered the MB/CPUs here a few months
> ago and got no response. The MBs are installed in rackmount cases of fairly
> good condition, and have on-board SCSI. I'd honestly prefer to send you a
> known-good MB/CPUs installed in a case with a power supply for the cost of
> shipping, if you are interested. THat way you can remove it yourself and be
> assured it will work (shipping loose MB and CPUs might break them in
> transit). I don't remember the model number, but is should be in the maillist
> archives...

I don't recall either.  At the time I think we bypassed it because of
having been offered a very similar system by a friend, but he seems to
be not getting around to any of that.  I certainly have no problem with
a preconfigured box that needs less done to it.

So, sure, this sounds like a plan.

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