[rescue] Best brains: Dead keyboard ports on PC hardware

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Tue Jun 19 08:36:44 CDT 2007

At 06:43 AM 6/19/2007 , Phil Stracchino wrote:
>Anyway, everything on the machine works fine, and it has a brand new
>install of win2KProSP4, but .... on the final reboot before finalizing
>the install, it fried its PS/2 keyboard ports.  As far as I know, its
>BIOS has support for USB keyboard and mouse at boot ... but it's not
>enabled.  So, it's still perfectly usable ... if I can turn on the USB
>keyboard support in the BIOS, for which I need a working keyboard at
>boot time, for which I need USB keyboard  support enabled so that I can
>get into the BIOS setup to enable USB keyboard support so that I can
>have a working USB keyboard at boot ... well, you get the idea.
>Any cunning workarounds?

Does you BIOS default to USB keyboard support enabled?  If so, could you
pull the battery and blow away your NV BIOS settings?

What happens if you let windows boot and then plug in a USB keyboard and

newell  N5TNL

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